The TiGeAk Awareness Week

What is the TiGeAk Awareness Week?

The TiGeAk Awareness Week is an initiative created by the TiGeAk Board of 2021-2022. This week is a time for the students to reflect on important topics. Although the Awareness Week’s specific focus varies yearly, the overarching goal is to raise awareness and promote education and understanding.

Awareness Week 2024

The TiGeAk x SAM Wellbeing Awareness Week will take place from March 11th to 15th this year. This year, the Awareness Week will focus on a different theme each day, namely:

Monday, March 11th: Social security

Tuesday, March 12th: Wrap your head around your body

Wednesday, March 13th: Step out of your head

Thursday, March 14th: Searching for Happiness

Friday March 15th: Take care of your soul

You can find more information about all the workshops and readings that will take place during the awareness week and sign up on this website: