The TiGeAk Awareness Week

What is the TiGeAk Awareness Week?

The TiGeAk Awareness Week is an initiative created by the TiGeAk Board of 2021-2022. This week is a time for the students to reflect on important topics. Although the Awareness Week’s specific focus varies yearly, the overarching goal is to raise awareness and promote education and understanding.

Awareness Week 2023: Assertiveness

This year the TiGeAk Awareness Week is going to focus on assertiveness and when to act. The following activities are going to be on the planning.

Non Verbal Communication Session

This is a session in which we’ll delve deeper into the effects of non-verbal communication on yourself and others.

Civil Rights Workshop by the Police

A workshop about which rights you have as a civilian in difficult situations and how you should act.

Self-Defence class

2 Tutorials on basic self-defense skills from experts in the field to protect yourself. The training is open to all.

Active Bystander Training

Have you ever witnessed harassment or any threatening situation and did not know what to do? Join the Bystander training!