The board

The board of TiGeAk.

The board of TiGeAk consists of the chairmen of various associations of Tilburg University. They all represent a cluster, so that every association can be heard. Every association is part of a cluster and will be kept up to date via their cluster head. They can also discuss topics in that cluster and think together about a solution. In this way, each association has the opportunity to be heard and all associations can act as one. Meet the board members of TiGeAk below.

Hi all. My name is Margot van Delft and I am this year’s Chairman of Legal Faculty Association Magister. I am also a member of the board of TiGeAk and represent the cluster Law. Within the board of TiGeAk I fulfill the role of Chairman as well. I lead the meetings and maintain close contact with the various entities within Tilburg University, such as the Executive Board and Facility Services. Together with the rest of my fellow board members, we as TiGeAk represent the interests of all association boards at Tilburg University.

Hi! I am Rosemarijn van den Goorbergh and this year I am the president of UniPartners Tilburg and part of the TiGeAk board. As vice-president of TiGeAk I represent the Work and Internship cluster. You will see my commitment to TiGeAk in the organization and coordination of the Awareness Week 2024 representing the theme of Mental Wellbeing. If you ever have any questions or want to provide input into the Awareness Week 2024, don’t hesitate to contact me!

Hi! My name is Jasper van Popta and this year I am the chairman of Sports Council FOSST and, as a board member of TiGeAk, the representative of the Sports cluster. I also fulfill the role of secretary within the board of TiGeAk, where my main task is to make minutes of all our meetings. If you have any questions or need any advice, please feel free to contact me!

Hi all I am Hugo Uitdehaag this years Treasurer of TiGeAk. In addition I represent the cluster Economics as I am also the Independent Chairman of Faculty Association Asset. I am responsible for all financial and legal matters, also surrounding the Campus Café. If you have ever have questions feel free to reach out, my colleagues and I are happy to help.

Hi! I am Sanne Noorland and this year I am the chair of Study Association Flow and I am part of the TiGeAk board. As a board member of TiGeAk I represent the cluster Humanities. Within the TigGeAk board I will fulfill the function of Public Relations. My primary responsibilities include maintaining the TiGeAk website and managing the narrowcasting screens you’ll come across on campus. If you ever have any questions or need assistance with these aspects, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me!  

 Hi! My name is Remco van Oijen and I am the chairman of Study Association Complex. I am also part of the TiGeAk board as Student Council Officer. My main tasks are representing the Behavioral cluster, managing the HR-part of the Campus Café, and being contactperson for all the boards that have their board room in the Tias building. If you have questions about these topics, do not hesitate to contact me!



Hi! My name is Marc Jacobs, and I am the chairman of Tilburg Orientation Program (TOP) this year. Additionally, I am also a member of the TiGeAk board and the representative of the Culture cluster. Within the TiGeAk board, I fulfil the role of Internal Affairs. My primary responsibility is to maintain the TiGeAk Instagram and ensure that associations are informed about TiGeAk’s activities through the Instagram. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


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