Board Rooms

As a student organisation it is possible to request a boardroom. The official procedure of this is done by TiGeAk. To be in contention for a board room on the campus of Tilburg University, the following steps must be taken.

1. A student organisation must officially be recognised by the Boardgrant Committee (CBS) of Tilburg University. If the organisation complies with all requirements, you will receive an official document that proves your recognition. Submit this request to CBS via the contact form on this webpage:
2. If your organisation has its official recognition you can request a boardroom. Download the form down below and fill it in with honesty. 
3. The TiGeAk board will look at the request and make a judgement if the organisation complies with the requirements for using a boardroom. Send both the recognition and the form to
4. If TiGeAk Approves the request, Facility Services of Tilburg University will find you a suitable office space on campus. Take into account that a private boardroom is not guaranteed. You might have to share one with other organisations. 
5. After every year where an organisation has used a boardroom, there will be an evaluation. Via an evaluation form TiGeAk will see if the current situation is still preferable.
For questions, send an email to